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Teaching Resources

Teaching in Italy can be a challenging, but rewarding, experience. As an intern you will find that Italian students can often times be significantly rowdier than their American counterparts and the type of students can vary greatly from school to school. Virtually all students share a huge interest for all things American, however, which interns should take advantage of when preparing classes. Compared to the American system, the Italian teaching style can be perceived as more traditional and lecture-based, so feel free to bring a more dynamic, visual, and collaborative approach to your lessons; students may be shy at first but once the ice is broken they will appreciate the new style. Emotional maturity and preparation are a must for the internship, which is why we've prepared this page for you, with some useful websites and materials usd by previous interns, which will hopefully give you ideas and inspiration:


BusyTeacher - loads of worksheets, presentations, and other ideas to teaching ESL. 


Film English - pre-planned step-by-step lessons revolving around short films.


BBC Learning English - great articles.


Pacioli Google Drive - several examples of CLIL materials.



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