How to apply: a step-by-step guide

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Application for the 2019-2020 school year is now closed.

Step 1: Contact your alma mater's Italian department:

Potential candidates interested in the SITE Program should contact their institutions in order to make sure that it has signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Students from institutions outside of the SITE network (without a signed MoU) are welcome to apply but keep in mind that priority is given to partner institutions and all other applicants will initially be places on a waiting list. If the number of fellowships exceeds the number of applicants from participating institutions, their applications will be considered. You may also find out if your university is part of our network by visiting our U.S. Partners section.



Step 2: Internal Selection (February)

MoU institutions will be responsible for conducting an internal selection and nominating 1 (one) finalist and possibly other alternative candidates. Each institutions is free to organize the internal selection as they wish. In the candidates' interest, however, please keep in mind that the SITE program is an intercultural experience and can be challenging. Candidates must be flexible, independent, have self-training and self-study skills, be willingn and able to step out of their comfort zone, as well as have an excellent level of Italian. It is also recommended that the internal selection process includes a sample class on a topic of the candidates' choice. Examples of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)  classes and other material may be found by visiting our Teaching Resources page. A sample class should provide valuable information on the candidates' performance as teaching assistants. The institution must then inform the Program Search Committee of their internal ranking. After the internal selection is completed, candidates will apply online.



Step 3: Online Application (March)

Selected candidates will post their complete online applications by and not later than the deadline. The application deadline for the 2019-2020 SITE Program was on March 15th.

Step 4: Site Ranking and Placement (late March - early April)

The SITE Program Search Committee will create a ranking of all nominated candidates and begin pairing potential interns to schools. The placement process is based on the original selection criteria, serving to find the best match for both the Lombardy schools and the candidates. During this process, several factors will be taken into account, such as the Lombardy schools' needs, applicant field of study, etc. The placement of nominated candidates will be announced by email between the very end of March and late April.

Step 5: Acceptance and Contract (late March - late April)

Candidates will be notified between the very end of March and late April. They must communicate acceptance of program placement by April 12th. If a candidate refuses, the next candidate in the ranking may be chosen as a replacement. Once accepted, candidates will sign a Declaration of Intent and are bound to the program.


In case of resignation at any time during the selection process, candidates must notify their college or university professors immediately and the SITE Program, in order to facilitate the replacement process. Late resignation is allowed only in exceptional circumstances. 

Copy of the Degree

In order to proceed with the Progetto formativo (the Contract with the school), candidates will have to email a pdf scanned copy of their degree to The SITE Program must have proof of graduation and a copy of the degree no later than June 10th.

Step 6: Applying for an entry visa

The candidates will find  updated information about the procedure for obtaining a visa on the website.



Application materials

Before starting the application process, it is important that you check our Requirements. If minimum qualifications are not met, candidates will not be taken into consideration and/or will placed on a waiting list. Candidates will need to submit the following documents electronically for consideration:


Personal and Travel Information

Once you start the online application process, you will be asked personal and educational background information. You will also be asked to upload your passport information. Please note that the SITE application process is confidential and personal information collected will not be shared.


Cover Letter

The letter should be stating: motivation, interest in the program, and a self-introduction. Your letter should be roughly 400-500 words and you may write it in English or in Italian.


Curriculum Vitae or Resume

You will also be asked to send us your most up-to-date CV/Resume in English.


Unofficial Transcript

Including all coursework and grades up to the most recent semester.

Recommendation Letter 

From a university or college professor that know you well. Ideally from a faculty member of the Italian department.

In the case that the number of candidates presented by the universities is higher than the fellowships offered by the SITE Network of  Schools of Lombardy, the remaining candidates will be placed on a waiting list. The candidates of this list can then be nominated if additional positions are made available later on in the semester, or in case an intern resigns.


Copy of the Degree

In order to proceed with the Progetto formativo (the Contract with the school), immediately after  graduation, candidates will have to email a pdf scanned copy of their diploma to The SITE Program must have proof of graduation and a copy of the degree by no later than June 10.

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