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Below you'll find some of the most commonly asked questions. If you are unable to find an answer to your question on this website, refer to our Contact Us page and we shall get back to you as soon as possible. 


When will I know which school I’ll be going to?


From March 27 2017, it will be communicated to you if you are among the SITE program winners, together with the name  of the  school you have been assigned to. We will do our best to follow your preferences.  Naturally it will not be possible for everybody but we will try to do our best. Check your email regularly. You'll be given few days to confirm your acceptance of the internship.


Where are the schools?


In Lombardy.  Some  are in Milan, others (the majority) at Brescia, Crema, Salò, Mantua, Bergamo, and other small towns in the provinces of Milan, Brescia, Varese, Cremona.  Please look in the website for the list  of schools. They are high schools (students from 14 to 19 years old).  In very few cases, there will be students as young as 12.


What should I do once I have accepted the internship?


1. You must immediately contact your advisor at the school.  Agree on an exact start date of the internship, which must be organized between you and the school.  Almost all schools begin the internship on October 1, others later.
2. In July -August  you will receive the “progetto formativo” approved by the Region of Lombardy. The “progetto formativo” will be sent to the mailing address that you indicated on your application (please make sure to update your info).  The “progetto formativo”  will help you when you ask for a visa “di formazione” from the Italian consulate.


What travel documents will I need to participate in the program?


You will need a valid passport and a studio-formazione visa. For more information, please refer to our Visa page.


How long will my internship last?


SITE internships last for a total of 8 months.

How long will my internship last?


SITE internships last for a total of 8 months. From October 1st to May 31


What work will I do in the school?


You will be an English language assistant, always in the classroom with an Italian teacher of English.  Also, some schools will ask you to teach with the CLIL methodology (teaching subjects such as history, geography, mathematics, or science in English for a designated period of hours).  Your tutor (advisor)  at the school and the teachers will help you.  Also please read our website for further practical information.

Who coordinates the project in Lombardy?


The ITT Gentileschi in Milan. To contact the coordinators write an email to 
The teacher who coordinates the project is Lidia Cecchi.

You may write in English.


Who will help me find lodging?


The advisor  of the school where you are going for your internship will assist you in finding a place to stay. You’ll have to use part of your stipend  for your lodging  (you’ll have to pay lodging and meals out of the stipend). For more information, please refer to our Housing section.


Can I live with a family?


Yes, you can ask the advisor if it is possible to find a family to host you.  It can be a wonderful (and cheap!) way to perfect your language skills and learn about Italian daily life and culture from insiders’ perspectives. For more information, please refer to our Housing section.


How much will I be paid?


700 euros net monthly.  You will be paid directly by the school where you do your internship, usually at the end of each month.


May I find other work during my time in Italy?


Ask this type of information to the proper authorities at the Consular office, who will tell you all the details regarding the law on this question.  Many students who have participated in this program have given private English lessons.


How long has this program existed?


Since 2005.


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