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Partner U.S. Universities

Since 2012, candidates nominated by universities that have signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will have priority in the SITE internship selection process. Every year, around 50 positions and scholarships are available, and with the growing number of extremely qualified candidates, the selection process has become very competitive. As much as we would like to offer all MoU universities' nominees, due to limited positions, some may be placed on a waiting list.


MoU institutions will be responsible for conducting an internal selection and nominating 1 (one) finalist and possibly other alternative candidates. Each institutions is free to organize the internal selection as they wish. In the candidates' interest, however, please keep in mind that the SITE program is an intercultural experience and can be challenging. Candidates must be flexible, independent, have self-training and self-study skills, be willing and able to step out of their comfort zone, as well as have an excellent level of Italian. It is also recommended that the internal selection process includes a sample class on a topic of the candidates' choice. Examples of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)  classes and other material may be found by visiting our Teaching Resources page. A sample class should provide valuable information on the candidates' performance as teaching assistants. Each institution must then inform the SITE Program Search Committee of their internal ranking by the April 3 deadline. The SITE Program will be sending reminders to each institution's contact person.


We would like to emphasize that MoU universities have no obligation to supply candidates every year, nor do they have legal bindings of any sort. 


Please note that we still welcome non-MoU candidates although we would like to stress the competitiveness of the program and that priority will be given to partner universities. 

Thank you,
The SITE Program

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