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Health Insurance


In order to obtain your entry visa and permesso di soggiorno you will have to show proof of health insurance. On this page, we will give you direction on what your options are and how to go about obtaining each of them. 


Generally speaking, there are two types of insurance coverage you may obtain upon arrival in Italy: INA Assitalia, which is private and covers emergency room visits only, or the Tessera Sanitaria, which is Italy's public health service (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale) and which will give access to doctor visits as well. Be aware, however, that in order to obtain the public health insurance you will have to show you already applied for your permesso di soggiorno, so unfortunately you won't be able to use the public one to satisfy the health requirement for your residency permit.


Please read the information on this page to decide which option works best for you.


WAI - Generali (Private)

More information: here


Tessera Sanitaria (Public)

1. Report to your local ASL with the following documents:


  • Passport (original + photocopy)

  • Permesso di soggiorno (or the post office receipt)

  • Progetto formativo (original + photocopy)

  • Codice fiscale (original + photocopy)


2. You will be given a list of local doctors in your area. This will be your medico di base, which means you will always refer to him/her for any health problem, and he/she will refer you to other doctors or the hospital if it is deemed necessary. Choose one doctor from that list.


3. Pay the annual fee of 149,77 euros*


4. You will be given a piece of paper which you may use until your definitive tessera arrives in the mail.


* the fee is for a calendar year (January-December).


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